Fresh Ideas for Your Bathroom Planner Design-Updated 2018

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Nowadays, you can design your own bathroom whether it will be luxurious, futuristic or traditional. There are so many bathroom planner software programs available on the internet and all of them offer so many material and designs for the bathroom. As there are so many options, you may be confused to find ideas for your bathroom planner design. This article will help you to find such ideas. Here are some fresh ideas for the design that you might want to use.

Fresh Ideas for Your Bathroom Planner Design
Mix bathroom tiles sizes

Using the same bathroom tile size has become the common idea for the bathroom. So try to use different tiles sizes on the bathroom floor. It will make the floor become unique than conventional bathroom floor. There are so many options for the tiles design and sizes available in the bathroom planner. The tip is to mix 2-3 sizes, for example, use the largest on the floor, the smaller on the walls and the smallest one on the focal point of the walls to make the wall looks more pleasing.

Use corner sink

This idea is suitable for a small bathroom. As a bathroom only has short space, using corner sink will be the best to add the small bathroom a sink. The tip is to find the corner where the sink will be incorporated into the shelf if there is any and some bathroom storage.

Transporting bathroom tiles

Using bathroom tiles that have other countries or cultures characteristic can make you feel being transported you to the particular country. For example, using tiles that give the bathroom an Ottoman palace bathroom looks. It is the Iznik tiles that have a blue and white pattern. The pattern gives the bathroom unique characteristic of such culture. Or else, you can make a mural by using the tiles to intensify the characteristic.

Round edge vanities

The next idea for your bathroom planner design is adding round edge vanities. It adds curves to the bathroom. This vanity is a good alternative to replace the popular rectangular vanities. It creates softer look with its curved shape. As it becomes the alternative of the common vanity, it will give the bathroom a playful feel compared to the traditional vanity.

French doors shower enclosures

This idea is considered will be a big thing in bathroom design. With steel as the material, this French door will give the bathroom a unique feel which is an industrial feel. You can use simple steel frame shower enclosure to give a modern and minimalist look. it is the best suited if combined with a hinged shower door.

Furniture-style vanity

A bathroom vanity is the centerpiece of the bathroom as it usually becomes the fixture in a bathroom that people spend the most time at. So using the correct bathroom vanity will determine the bathroom looks. One of the best ideas for your bathroom planner design is using furniture-style bathroom vanity. It will give a unique style for the room. There are many furniture-style bathroom vanities available nowadays so you can pick one that suits your bathroom the most.

Those are some ideas for bathroom planner design that you can use to create your desired bathroom. Most of the bathroom planners are already have materials for these ideas.